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                          CRC Aerosol Products

                          CRC Aerosol Products
                          CRC Aerosol Products
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                          Product Code : CAP
                          Brand Name : CRC - BELGIUM
                          Product Description
                          CRC Aerosol
                          Electrical Maintenance Products
                          CRC 2-26
                          Contactor Cleaner, removes oxidation, carbon Deposits and displaces moisture in electrical equipments. Also provides lubrication in switches.
                          CRC CO-CONTACT CLEANER
                          Removes grease, oil and dust from alarm systems, radios, CD and cassettes players.Leaves no residue.Also used for PCB cleaning.Compatible with most current materials.
                          CRC LECTRA CLEAN
                           Non flammable electrical parts cleaner.Fast evaporating, non-staining, non-corrosive and non-conductive carbon  & moisture remover.
                          URETHANE ISOLATION RED/CLEAR
                          An air drying conformal urethane insulation coating for electrical / electronic equipments. For coating of electric motor windings, battery terminals, solenoids, etc.
                          PLASTIC 70
                          Protects printed circuit boards by forming a thin quick drying insulated conformal coating.
                          BATTERY TERMINAL COATING
                          Prevents oxidation of Battery terminals, Delco Caps in Vehicles, Ups batteries.
                          Mechanical Maintenance
                          CRC 3-36
                          Displaces & seals out moisture from all Metal Surfaces.  Stops rust and corrosion on all metals and metal alloys. Lubricates and protects precision instruments and machinery. Also penetrates rust & loosens Freezed fasteners.
                          CRC GASKET REMOVER
                          Removes baked-on gasket paints, adhesives, sealants, putties, and coatings.
                          CRC FAST DRY DEGREASE
                          Heavy duty cleaner / degrease. Dissolves grease, oil, lubricants, tar and adhesives and removes them from equipment, machinery, motors, and metal parts.
                          Zinc-aluminum bright glossy coating for touch-up of galvanized surfaces. Prevents rusting, pealing & fading of all metallic surfaces.
                          CRC RUST REMOVER
                          Removes  Rust and scale from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Cleans tarnish, oxidation and stains from iron, steel, copper, brass and aluminum.It is also used for Preparation of metal surfaces prior to painting.
                          Specialty Products
                          CRC COPPER PASTE
                          High temperature anti-seize lubricant, prevents galling and metal-to-metal contact. Ensures accurate assembly and easy dis-assembly of threaded parts.
                          METAL FREE PASTE
                          Multi purpose high temperature ceramic base separating and mounting paste for antisieze applications from - 40degrees cent. up to + 1400degrees cent,.
                          CRC HAND CLEANERR
                          Waterless, anti-septic, hand care cleaner for industrial professionals. Out-cleans soaps, cleans the most stubborn dirt, grease and many other chemical compounds.
                          Fast drying resin bounded PTFE dry film lubricant coating, which reduces frictional wear, providing abrasion resistance in slides, moulds, flexible cables, looms, neoprene bushers, etc.
                          FREEZE -75
                          Cools down all heat conductive parts & components to temperatures below 0degrees cent. to a minimum of + 50degrees cent.  Facilities precision fittings and shrink fitting.
                          CRC SP-400
                          Long term wax based  - outdoor and indoor corrosion inhibitor. Highly resistant to moisture, humidity  and salt spray. Protection of finished components, in-process parts, in-transit goods, raw material, structural steel.
                          CRC SUPER CUT
                          High performance cutting lubricant, increases tool life and eases cutting.
                          CRC BELT GRIP
                          Prevents slippage for all types of belts. Increase pulling power and transmission efficiency.
                          CRC LEAK FINDER
                          Leak detector for all types of gases.
                          CRC ALU H.T.
                          High temperature resistant (up to 600degrees cent. ) Aluminum coating.
                          CRC WHITE LITHIUM GREASE
                          Heavy duty lubricant with PTFE Du pont.  Excellent water and heat resistant . Used for high speed plastic , rubbers & ceramic parts lubrication's.
                          CRC INDUSTRIAL SILICONE
                          Superior lubrication, excellent separation and release properties.
                          FG CHAIN LUBE
                          Foaming chain lubricant with PTFE for high performance in chains and conveyors. At elevated temperatures and high R.P.M. being waterproof.
                          Automotive Range
                          ENGINE FLUSH
                          Removes Harmful gums, sludges & varnish deposits.Cleans the complete oil system. Cleans and frees bottom piston rings and hydraulic valve lifters. Contains anti-wear additives, protects the engine whilst flushing. Improves performance and engine life.
                          CARBURETTOR CLEANER
                          Cleans carburetors and fuel systems without dismantling. Dissolves gums anf resin. Removes carbon deposits and varnish.
                          Brake parts cleaner, Cleans and degreases - brakes and clutches. Powerful and fast-working cleaner. Leaves no residue. Removes Oil, brake fluid, grease and hardened deposits. It is made without chlorinated solvents.
                          CRC 5-56
                          Looses rusted parts and displaces moisture from hinges and sliding parts, providing short term lubrication.
                          CAR CARE PRODUCTS
                          COCKPIT SPRAY
                          Cleans and renovates dashboards, Also Cleans and protects plastics and rubber. It forms a Non-staining, water-repellent film. Protects synthetics against fading and hardening. Renovates car interiors.  Removes stains and nicotine deposits. Leaves a fresh, fragrant smell.
                          GLASS CLEANER
                          Biodegrade able, Fast removal of greasy marks, grime, nicotine and squashed insects.99.6% biodegradable according to OECD301B. Cleans bumpers. Headlamps, paint work.
                          UPHOLSTERY CLEANER
                          Fast action foaming formula Cleans upholstery, carpets, fabrics, vinyl and leather inside the car (seats, roof lining, door panels. ) SO EASY Leaves a clear glossy film which makes rubber Tyre flexible & protects it. Works by simply spraying on Tyre without wiping or washing.
                          SPECIALTY PRODUCTS
                          • FIX
                          • Seals and inflates punctured Tyres without dismantling it.
                          RADIATOR CLEAN

                          Removes sludge, scale and rust from the inside of the radiator and cooling system. Guarantees optimum heat exchange. Protects against corrosion. Compatible with all metals, plastics and gasket materials.
                          • Advantages of the CRC aerosol cans
                          • CRC products contain 97% active product.
                          • CRC cans are filled with CO2 a safe and non-flammable propellant.
                          • CRC aerosols are recyclable which meet today most stringent safety-and environment objectives.
                          • CRC 360degrees cent. spray valve : cans be held upside down, so difficult to reach spots become more accessible.
                          • A unique combi-cap : the extension tube doesn't get lost.
                          • An ISO 9001 Company.

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