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Fall Arresters / Safety belts

Fall Arresters / Safety belts
Fall Arresters / Safety belts
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Product Code : 016
Brand Name : ALL SAFE
Product Description
Fall Arresters / Safety belts

Full Body Harness Model No H 2000/3  as per EN 361 and 358 , CE 0082 with Back Support

Features :
  •     1) Has a minimum Breaking strength of 5000 lbs.
  •     2) 7 ways of adjustments , 2 for Shoulders, 2 for thighs, 2 for Buttocks & 1 for Waist .
  •     3) Weight = 1.75 kgs
  •     4) Two Colour Harness.
  •     5) Free Size.

Full Body Harness Model No H 2000/1  as per EN 361 , CE 0082 without Back Support

  •  Has a minimum Breaking strength of 5000 lbs.
  •  6 ways of adjustments , 2 for Shoulders, 2 for thighs, 2 for Buttocks.
  •  Weight = 1.20 kgs.
  •  Free Size.

No Shock Hooks :

  • For Full Body Harnesses
  • No Shock Hooks with Lanyards.

How it works ?

The 15 mm Carabineer is connected to the harness's "Dorsal" or "D" ring and the Scaffolding hooks are connected to any anchorage point. In a event of a fall, the Energy shock absorber opens up where there is a webbing inside it's called a tear webbing which is meant to tear at a event of a fall, this webbing opens up  and reduces the impact of the fall less than 600 KN which is according to the EN requirement or standard.

How we calculate the fall ?

Assume a man weighing 100 kg, that's multiplied by 2, thus 200 kg, that is again multiplied with 9.8 which the gravitational force. Thus giving a total of 1960 kg, when this force is asserted to human body it leads to breaking the spinal cord and causes death. Thus our No shock Energy Absorbers are used to reduce the impact less than 600 KN which keeps the worker safe at a event of a fall.

Our No shock absorbers are manufactured according to EN 355, Connectors according to EN 362 and Harness according to EN 361.


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