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Wurth Maintenance Sprays

Wurth Maintenance Sprays

980 INR/Piece

Product Details:


Wurth Maintenance Sprays Price And Quantity

  • 980 INR/Piece
  • 980.00 - 980.00 INR/Piece
  • 1 Piece

Product Description

Wurth Aerosols

Wurth Automobile and industrial maintenance Sprays

Wurth Contact Cleaner : Effectively Cleans Electrical Contacts, Battery Terminals, Removes Carbon Deposits and Oxidation from electrical Contacts.

Wurth Tire Shine : Foaming tyre Shiner, gives a Lustre look on tyres

Wurth Petrol Additive : Cleans the Injector system

Wurth Diesel Additive :
Cleans the Injector system

Wurth HHS Lube : Open Gear and Chain Lubricant. Waterproof Chain Lubricant. Does wash away after water Spraying.

Wurth Multipurpose Grease :
Lithium Grease with MOS2, High Speed Bearing Grease for Automotive bearings. has a temperature resistance of 130 Degrees Centigrade.

Wurth Wire Rope Lubricant :  Wire Rope spray, Lubricates Wire Ropes used in Lifting equipments, Being Waterproof increases the Life of the wire ropes.

Wurth Spray Adhesive :  Synthetic rubber Based Adhesive for Instant Bonding of Carpets, Roof Linings, Leather Linings.

Wurth Brake Clean : Instant Degreaser for Brake parts Cleaning. Engine Degreasing, Cleaning door Hinges, Cleaning grease from bearings.

Wurth Silicon Spray : Lubricates rubber parts, Window Guides, Also used in Pulling Electrical Cable.


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